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Painting Gifts with your Gifts

with David Barba

Saturday December 9th
@ Centrally Rooted

Cost: $25

Interactive Art workshop led by David Barba targeting ages 5-12**. Learners will choose one of three items to paint and gift to someone important in their life for the holiday season.

This practice shows the difference between purchasing something and creating something with intention and meaning. After choosing the special person in their life that will receive this gift, learners will write down all of the adjectives they can think of that describe their person. Then, learners will choose an animal that they think resembles their descriptions. Students will then use multi-surface paint to paint their chosen animal onto their chosen gift item with a demonstration by David and one on one assistance when needed. Once they've completed their gifts, they will then write a short note to their special person explaining why they chose that animal to resemble them. Finally, learners will take turns sharing their project with the group and explaining their chosen animal and person combination. 

Painting Gifts with your Gifts
Painting Gifts with your Gifts
Dec 09, 2023, 1:00 PM
Centrally Rooted
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