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Music Class

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Centrally Rooted is an inclusive space for supporting positive brain health development through creative expression.  The application can be used for any Centrally Rooted programming.

Non obligatory
Centrally Rooted does not have an obligation to fulfill requests on the basis of submission. Submissions will be individually reviewed, considered, and fulfillment requests will be approved or denied within 30 days, based on available scholarship funding. 

Single Applicant
Only one applicant/family may be requested at a time/session, with the exception of Mindful Musicians, LLC, in which case two children from the same family may be considered for scholarship. 

Immediacy of Funds
Upon approval of scholarship, funds must be applied to the subsequent session (regarding Mindful Musicians and group music therapy), or at the first available lesson(s) until the individual's approved funding is depleted. 

I understand that if this scholarship application is approved, all of the above parameters apply. Additionally, funding will be managed by Centrally Rooted, and no physical monies will be exchanged. Funding may not be transferred or delayed. Missed sessions &/or lessons may not be made up/reimbursed.                                                                                                                                                          

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