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Centrally Rooted was founded in 2021 by Callie FitzGerald. Her belief is that growth, exploration and supported discovery of self encourages the positive development of brain health.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday, often identified as #GivingTuesday on social media, is a worldwide movement that takes place on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It's a day where communities, organizations, and individuals come together to celebrate generosity and make a positive impact.

How can you participate?

Our goal for Giving Tuesday this year is 500 donors. We want to be inclusive of all of our community members and supporters, regardless of the amount that they can pledge towards our organization. Any size donation is welcomed and accepted and can be made via our website. Additionally, we are hoping that our supporters can help spread the message and extend our network to others that would be interested in both learning more about Centrally Rooted and helping us reach our Giving Tuesday goal.

Callie is incredibly patient with our son Lincoln, who has Down Syndrome. She uses many different methods to keep him engaged, on task, and thriving during his sessions. We have always been impressed with her genuine concern for Lincoln’s best interests. She has helped his speech and pronunciation immensely. She is a valued member of “Team Lincoln".

500 Donors

Giving Tuesday Fundraising Goal

The foundation of Centrally Rooted is the community, and our goal this year is to showcase the amount of support to grow our mission and vision, regardless of monetary value.


Can we count on YOU?

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