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Rooted Private Lessons

Weekly music lessons with opportunities for performance in the areas of voice, piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, cello, saxophone, flute, trumpet, percussion, and song writing.


  • 30 minute weekly lessons: $25/lesson ($100 month)

  • 60 minute weekly lessons: $50/lesson ($200 month)


Private music lessons:

  • Assist your child in their musical development

  • Provide a creative outlet

  • Make deep impressions on a child's development of confidence and self

Rooted lessons offer:

  • Piano

  • Voice

  • Guitar

  • Bass

  • Cello

  • Ukulele

  • Saxophone

  • Flute

  • Percussion

  • Trumpet

  • Song Writing


We hold 2 recitals throughout a calendar year and view these events as great opportunities for students to:

  • Work toward a musical goal through their own discipline

  • Showcase their talents for their families

  • Impact their developing confidence in themselves


Recitals are not required, but strongly encouraged. There will often be additional performing opportunities for those who identify performance as a priority. 

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“My seven year old son has been taking guitar lessons with Callie for two years. Their relationship has been amazing-personable, fun, and understanding. When Caleb is finished with lessons, he is in a much better mood, excited about having his lessons, and being with Callie. Even though my son is only seven she keeps giving him new challenges and makes it so he is successful. I highly recommend anyone to get involved in a class with Callie.”

- Melissa Roller


Private lessons are a commitment and are anticipated to be a long term investment. Students are held accountable in their practicing 4x/week for 20 min each practice. They are also to keep track of their books and notebooks, bringing them back week to week.

Caregivers will be provided studio policies & an intake form upon enrollment to make sure our goals are aligned with yours.  Payments for each month are due by the first lesson of the month. For your convenience, you may choose to enroll in a recurring payment system.

Need financial assistance?

Apply for a scholarship!

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