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8-week interactive class focused on development of musical competence, confidence, and self-worth.

*Mindful Musicians: 0-6 years old
(with caregiver)

Brand new offering!
*Sensory Aware Mindful Musicians:

Sensory Aware Mindful Musicians has a maximum capacity 8 students. A fantastic option for kiddos that express sensory overload and would benefit from regulation, calm sensory input, and a smaller class size

More Classes, More Teachers, More Fun! 

Mindful Musicians

An 8-week programmatic experience that promotes the foundational pillars of musical competence that reach into the developmental realms:

  • Verbal

  • Physical

  • Cognitive 


Implanting core beliefs that:

  • Support positive brain health & coping skills for times of future distress


Stemming from the idea that:

  • A positive development of self love is the answer to a successful life


We are proudly committed to sharing our vision!

Children playing rhythm sticks at a Mindful Musicians Class
Owner, Callie FitzGerald guiding students and parents through an activity during a Mindful Musicians class.


Each 8 week session includes:

  • One 45 min class/week

  • CD & Access to digital music

  • Guest Pass

  • CR bag

Mindful Musicians:  0-6

*Each class is to be attended with a caregiver (18+)


Tuition not only enables you and your child to participate in class, but also  others who may not otherwise have the opportunity to do so.

  • $150/child

  • $85 additional sibling


Because our center is founded in an altruistic view of community, anyone can apply for full coverage of tuition. We know that these experiences are important for people of all incomes.

  • If you would like to support one families’ full tuition, you may do so on the donations page.


Need financial support to participate?  Contact us today!

Children exploring rhythm instruments during a Mindful Musicians class

Need financial assistance?

Apply for a scholarship!


“My family and I love being a part of Callie’s interactive music classes. As a musician and educator myself, I really appreciate the way Callie’s classes have developed and nurtured my children’s natural musicality in fun, affirming, and diverse ways. We always leave the classes smiling and singing!”


- Lansing family


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