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Centrally Rooted is an interactive growth space that supports the development of positive brain health in creative ways. We see an opportunity to build resilience during formative growth years to serve as inner pillars to lean on as we move through challenges of life to come.


Our Goal is to provide a safe & nourished space for creative expression that is AVAILABLE TO ALL, regardless of socioeconomic status.


Through the efforts of a scholarship fundgenerous donations, community inclusion, and altruistic programmatic development, we have a dream of supporting the families of our community that will provide benefit to all.


Our center offers multiple tiers of opportunities, catering to a wide range of age groups & interests. Specifically, we offer

1.  Mindful Musicians: interactive caregiver: child group music classes for the 0-6 age group.

2.  Music Therapy: private/group music therapy.

3.  Rooted Private Lessons: weekly music lessons with opportunities for performance.

4. Please reference "Upcoming Events" to view alternative creative and confidence building offerings (including yoga, art, and dance).

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