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Non-Profit Piano

DuPaco Voices Building

1000 Jackson St.


Centrally Rooted believes in sharing the “water supply going to our roots” and has, therefore, created a nonprofit piano that represents Creative Adventure Lab, Mindful Minutes, and the Night Market. This is the only piano that will continue to receive donations by following the QR code. At the end of pianos on Parade, any funds raised will be divided amongst these four nonprofits. This piano will be located outside of the Dupaco voices building (on Jackson St) and will also make an appearance at the Thursday Night Markets.

In need of a piano?
Apply now to receive one of our eleven pianos!

Follow the link below to access our application form.  Tell us a little bit about why you could use a free piano. Those selected to receive a piano delivered right to their desired location!

Be on the lookout around town this summer and go explore on these pianos at the following locations:


Bee Branch

24th Street/Lincoln Avenue


Roshek Building

700 Locust


NAMI Dubuque

225 W. 6th St.


River Lights Bookstore

1098 Main St.


Devour Cafe

1798 Central Ave.


Lacy Mansion

1640 Main St.


Warehouse District

333 E. 10th Street (Novelty Ironworks Building)



2460 Kerper Blvd.


Grand River Center

 500 Bell Street


Mt. Carmel

 1040 Carmel Dr.

The piano is located in the new Atrium of the Terrace apartment building. At the end of south Grandview, stay right onto campus. Take a left UP the hill to the parking lot. Park near the overhang. Enter the Atrium door there.

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