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Mackenzie Blagojevic


was born in Toronto, Ontario and began practicing the piano at 6 years old. Her initial studies began through the Royal Conservatory of Music where she stayed until pursuing music in university. Throughout her 15 years of practice in piano, Blagojevic has had many musical accomplishments including first-class honours awarded by the Royal Conservatory from 2013 to 2018. She is now a current student at Clarke University graduating in spring of 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Psychology. While at Clarke, Blagojevic has studied under Dr. Sharon Jensen, Professor Anthony Capparelli, and most recently Dr. JeeHae Ahn. Clarke University has offered her many musical opportunities including accompaniment for vocalists, piano duets, and participation in many choirs. Along with her interest in music and performance, the complexity of the human mind has also taken a forefront in her studies. With the intention to combine her two loves, Blagojevic wishes to continue her education and pursue a career in music therapy.

Mackenzie Blagojevic
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