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Help a Family in Need

Our society is in a brain health crisis that is primarily addressed from the postventative standpoint. We are motivated by the developing youth, and have a vision of setting foundational layers of positive mental health in children through creative opportunities. It is of utmost importance, however, that all children, regardless of socioeconomic status or upbringing, have an opportunity to be involved in these benefits.

Scholarship Fund

Because a large goal is reaching people of lower socioeconomic status, we have a scholarship fund developed that will be application based and provide families of lesser means the opportunity to be involved. As the business grows, so too will the scholarship opportunities for more than this curriculum exclusively. We hope it will eventually reach into the realms of a membership based recording/podcasting studio that will allow expression of storytelling/songwriting/etc, yoga therapy, & art therapy.

Every Little Bit Helps

This inquiry is reflective of an altruistic mission, supporting community members that may not otherwise have the means to commit to such a program. We deeply appreciate your consideration of a donation that will provide great benefit to a young child and their family. Any amount will be received and held in a scholarship account for families.

If you need additional information, we are happy to answer any questions and appreciate your support of spreading the word.

Scholarship Applicants:

To inquire about income requirements and eligibility, please email  To apply, fill out this form:
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