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Yoga for Musicians

Join soprano and RYT 200 yoga instructor Megan Gloss in this six-week series that will explore the benefits and refinement musicians can experience through yoga. You don't need to be able to touch your toes or bend yourself into a pretzel. This series will cater to all ability levels and body types. Just come with an open mind and a passion for deepening your understanding and relationship with your body and instrument. Classes will take place from 11am-12pm. Saturdays beginning on June 15 and continuing through July 20th at Centrally Rooted.

This class is intended for individuals ages 13 and older.


Basic Posture & Alignment

Opening Up - Neck, Shoulders & Back

Releasing Tension - Hips & Jaw

Building Core Strength

Chill Out - Yoga for Stress and Anxiety (including a relaxing and restorative yin and yoga nidra practice, as well as guided meditation and visualization)

Meet the Instructor - Megan Gloss

Megan began her yoga journey at the encouragement of a friend and fellow musician in 2016 at B-1 Yoga in Dubuque. A longtime opera singer with local and regional ties to the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra and Madison Opera, she noticed an almost immediate shift in her vocal performance and, with piqued curiosity, decided to explore this new dynamic and its correlation to her instrument.
As COVID-19 put the kibosh on much of her scheduled performances in 2020, it also created space for her to complete her Yoga Teacher Training. Megan has since authored multiple articles on the connection between yoga and music for Classical Singer magazine.

Teaching at B-1 Yoga, Megan can be found leading traditional vinyasa classes, as well as helping yogis settle into a deep and meditative candlelight yin practice. When not on her mat or on stage, she also is the features editor at the Telegraph Herald, where she covers all things arts and culture, as well as oversees Her magazine.

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